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Perdo Vim

Banish the Mobile Forms ... Pe Vi - Gen
... Portée : Near ... Durée : Sun./Perm. ...
This spell will banish a single elemental, sending it back to whatever place it calls home, where it must remain until the spell expires. Banished elementals rarely hold ill will towards the caster unless the banishing interferes with something the elemental was doing of its own accord (possibly including services that are the result of bargaining). An elemental can be banished if a stress roll plus the Level exceeds the elemental's resistance. Elementals bound by another maga resist this spell with the binder's binding roll minus the elemental's might (the elemental assists in banishing itself). Elementals voluntarily in service to another maga (through bargaining) or acting entirely on their own will resist this spell with their full magic resistance.
Casting requisite: Form of the elemental.

Burning Vis ... Pe Vi - Gen
... Portée : Near ... Durée : Inst. ...
Destroys vis, one pawn per rank of spell. Does not work on living creatures; must overcome magic resistance if the vis is being carried.

Cutting the Cords ... Pe Vi - Gen
... Portée : Near ... Durée : Inst. ... An
Destroys the three cords that bind a familiar to its master if you can penetrate the combined magic resistance of the maga and the familiar (i.e. Parma Magica * 5 + maga's Vim score + familiar's Magic Might), and beat the total cost of the cords on a die + Level. If successful, the familiar retains its powers and intelligence, but the binding is no longer true. If the ex-familiar is willing to be re-bound, it will only take 2 seasons and 12 + Size pawns of vis. The ex-familiar is rarely willing to be bound to the person who cut the cords, but it has been known to happen, especially for snake or toad familiars. Some magi also do this to themselves, in order to re-forge the cords with greater power, but it is rare, for it is painful to the soul to lose one's familiar in this way, and the ex-familiar is rarely willing to be re-bound.

Destroy the Offending Spell ... Pe Vi - Gen
... Portée : Self ... Durée : Spec. ...
Defensive spell that will reduce the Level of the spell it is cast against by half the Level of this spell. This spell may only be cast against formulaic spells the caster knows, or knows a variant of. Multiple castings of this spell (by the same maga or different magi) do not add -- the target spell is reduced by the Level of the greatest Destroy the Offending Spell cast on it. Destroy the Offending Spell is an art of countering magic more than a spell, so it is considered always working against spells that directly affect the caster, so long as the caster is aware of the attack. When cast deliberately against another spell, its duration is instant.

Erasing the Wizard's Handiwork ... Pe Vi - Gen
... Portée : Near ... Durée : Inst. ...
Cancels any of the caster's own spells if the Level of the spell is matched on Level + die * 2. Spell must still be active (i.e. not instant).

Oathbreak ... Pe Vi - Gen
... Portée : Spec. ... Durée : Inst. ...
Specifically designed to thwart the Enchantment of the Heartfelt Oath (ReVi Gen), this spell will disperse such an enchantment if a roll of Level + die exceeds the Level of the enchantment. In addition, this spell prevents the other participants from learning about the enchantment being broken (including who broke the enchantment).

Suspend Enchantment ... Pe Vi - Gen
... Portée : Touch ... Durée : Sun./Perm. ...
Suspends a single known enchantment (via ritual spell or laboratory work) on an item for the duration if a roll of Level + die exceeds the Level of the enchantment.

Destroy the Lingering Traces of Magic ... Pe Vi - Gen
... Portée : Near ... Durée : Inst. ...
This spell removes some of the remnants of magic which has expired within the area defined. Must match the Level of the effect on Level + die. Does not effect magics which are still in operation. (To counter the Sense of the Lingering Magic (InVi 30) and other similar spells).

Shatter the Arcane Shield ... Pe Vi - Gen
... Portée : Near ... Durée : Round ...
Designed specifically to bring down magic protection, it halves the target's magic resistance for the next round only if a roll of Level + die exceeds the target's magic resistance.

Lash of the Black Sorcerer ... Pe Vi - 20
... Portée : Near ... Durée : Conc. ...
The caster pulls back her arm and makes a whip-like motion, creating a loud cracking sound, like a whip, causing a single demon great pain. The demon suffers, due to pain, a -2 penalty to all rolls so long as the caster concentrates, continuing to ``whip'' the demon and make the cracking sound, and a -5 penalty to actions and powers intended to harm you, as the pain intensifies when the demon performs such actions.

Sundering the Puerile Flesh ... Pe Vi - 20
... Portée : Near ... Durée : Inst. ...
This spell creates a large wound in the ``flesh'' of a demon, which will spill blood or ichor as appropriate. The demon takes +25 damage, losing a minimum of one body level. This spell may only be used on any one demon once each day; castings after the first will have no effect.

Stealing the Gift ... Pe Vi - 60
R ... Portée : Touch ... Durée : Inst. ... Co
This ritual destroys a maga's gift. She retains all magical knowledge, but cannot cast spells, engage in Certamen, use Parma Magica, get bonuses to resistances from Forms, or do any lab work. She gets one chance to resist, on a roll of Creo + Vim + Int of 18+. Note that the ritual requires the maga to be affected to stand inside of a circle of power, drawn as part of casting the spell, about one pace across for the entire spell, so an unwilling target (and how many willing targets have there been of this spell?) can simply jump away and ruin the spell. Furthermore, as this spell starts to take effect, the target can feel her Gift being ripped out of the innermost core of her being. This is very painful, starting at 5 minutes after the spell is started and building to the spell's end. It will wake the maga out of any natural sleep and most spell-induced sleep. [I would probably even allow them to be half-awaken out of unconsciousness, if I was the storyteller.] The maga would probably have to be bound or incapacitated for this to work.
Under the Code of Hermes, use of this spell is legally the equivalent of killing the other maga, no complete written description of this spell has been made public...

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